Attorney Fees

During an initial phone consultation or scheduled face-to-face meeting, you will be able to discuss your case with Nathan. He will ask you several brief questions. After determining what services are necessary to your specific case, Nathan will offer you a flat-rate fee for representation.

If you decide to retain our services, you would sign a written agreement outlining the fee and the services included.

In rare cases, your income level or other circumstances may call into question your ability to file bankruptcy. If this is the case, Nathan will offer you a small flat-rate fee to complete the means test or otherwise determine your eligibility. You will not be asked to agree to this without signing a written agreement outlining the fee and services included.


Payment Options

Chapter 13 Payment Plans
If you are seeking relief under Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code, after paying some money up front to your attorney, your fee can be paid to our office over time through the Chapter 13 Trustee’s Office.

Chapter 7 Payment Plans
Payment plans in a Chapter 7 case are problematic for the following reasons: 

  • Our bill for preparing your Bankruptcy gets discharged in the Bankruptcy
  • Your attorney is your advocate against creditors, you don’t want your advocate to be a creditor as well
  • Other offices have third parties such as family members and friends sign agreements to make payments on your bankruptcy bill.  But do you really want an attorney hounding your friends or family for payments?

For these reasons, we do not accept payment plans for Chapter 7 (straight liquidation) bankruptcy filings.

We keep our overhead low and pass the savings on to you, making Chapter 7 available to almost everyone.

We Accept Credit Cards

We cannot accept credit cards in the name of anyone filing bankruptcy.  However, if a friend or relative wants to pay for your bankruptcy on their credit card, we are happy to accept this payment.

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