If you have been sued in Minnesota State Court and that lawsuit resulted in a judgment being entered against you, such a judgment can usually be removed after you receive a discharge order from the bankruptcy court.

Minnesota Statute 548.181 provides for the removal of judgments after bankruptcy. Self-help materials are available for this procedure from the Minnesota State Court Administrator. However, many people find it easier to hire an attorney to handle this on their behalf. My office offers competitive fees for this procedure. I am very familiar with the statute because I was personally involved in amending it to ensure the filing fee was only the $5.00 fee specified in the statute, and not the full state court lawsuit filing fee that is in excess of $300.

If you sold real estate after your bankruptcy and you paid off a judgment for a debt that was incurred before your bankruptcy at the closing, you may have a valuable claim. If this happened to you, or if you have a closing date set and the creditor is attempting to collect on this judgment, you should contact my office as soon as possible for a free consultation: 651-704-9600.